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Quantum computers may well become a reality during the next decades. Current common digital signature schemes (RSA, DSA and ECDSA) are not quantum-resistant. Hash-based signatures are a quantum-safe alternative.

Started in 2019, the goal of the German 3-year research project Quantensichere IPsec-Module und -Operationsmodi aka QuaSiModO is to support the practical use of quantum-safe cryptographic schemes in the context of Virtual Private Networks (VPN). The goals of the research project are as follows:

  • Scrutinizing the use of quantum-safe algorithms in VPN / key exchange protocols such as IKEv2 for IPsec and MKA/PACE for MACsec.
  • An implementation of schemes in established VPN software suites.
  • Security analysis of the protocols as well as the implementations.

The project members - ADVA, AISEC, genua and LMU - are presented here, the German Federal Office for Information Security acts as associated partner; see also the contact information. Details about the project steps can be found here.

Funding for this project is granted by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). More information about the funding programme can be found here (German).

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